100 Unique Recipes Made from Real Food

By: Carl Christensen
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The region where I come from is the Rhodopi mountain, located in the southern a part of Bulgaria, on the Balkan peninsula. According to the legends this beautiful mountain is the birthplace and the home of the mythical singer Orpheus. For some reason this is the area with the healthiest people in Bulgaria and according to the statistics it is the region with the lowest incidence of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, psychosis and osteoporosis. Here people for centuries live in a healthy way and nature has generously blessed them with many resources.

First, as a result of the many pine forests, the air is negatively ionized which has many a good option effects on the body. In addition, Rhodopean food remains in its essence authentic. It has long been said that the Rhodopes has the most centenarians actively taking care not only for themselves but regularly for their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

I remember that my grand and great-grandparents living over one hundred years. In this book I need to share with you one of the recipes I inherited from them so to introduce a simple way of cooking to interleave your diet with tasty dishes prepared with a whole lot of love and positive energy so one can keep you healthy and happy as my ancestors from the mountains.

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