Food Becomes You: Simple Steps for Lifelong Wellness

By: Carl Christensen
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When you envision your future, what do you see? Food Becomes You reminds readers of the simple truth that the food we put in our bodies becomes part of us, in our tissues, organs, systems, and senses. It deconstructs nutrition science to show what our bodies and minds want to thrive, all woven into the stories of many who turned their lives around by changing their food.

Baby boomers will find this book especially useful as they approach their fifties and beyond, though the lessons are ones that we all will have to learn. If you need a healthy, vibrant future, you need to make healthy nutrition choices—now—and this book will mean you can find out how.

In a very easy to read fashion, Food Becomes You provides invaluable tips, examples, and recipes with a view to assist you to seamlessly incorporate healthy foods and easy meal preparations into your life.

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